Karin Gurtner

Karin is the founder and principal educator of art of motion training in movement®, a recognized training organization for Contemporary Pilates in Switzerland and Australia, international presenter and co-director of Sense of Space Movement Studios.

She has developed an extensive series of internationally registered Pilates education courses, including Certificate IV and Diploma in Contemporary Pilates & Teaching Methodology. For the last 4 years Karin has also been working on Slings in Motion, a myofascial training concept incorporating the Anatomy Trains system by Tom Myers, with whom she completed a teacher training program this
year. During the past nine years Karin has been lecturing education courses for movement teachers and physiotherapists in Europe, Australia and the Maldives. She is also a partner in one of Switzerland’s finest Body Mind & Dance conventions, Motion in Mind.

  • Anatomy Trains Associate Teacher
  • graduate PMA certified Pilates Matwork & Studio Teacher
  • certified Kinesis Myofascial Integration Therapist
  • Yoga and Gyrokinesis Teacher
  • Wellness &Personal Trainer
  • Fitness Leader
  • certified Trainer & Assessor


Ausbildungsweg Slings Myofasziales Training